Food & Art: KAKADUU-ART (Central Africa / London / Berlin)

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Exhibition title: Perceived Inevitability

Kakaduu’s freedom to move about in the world is extremely limited, however, in art Kakaduu is completely free to perceive and experience the world outside their cage in all its diversity.

Artist biography for website:

Agapornis Fischerii, better known by the artist name Kakaduu, originally from Central Africa, came first into the public eye as artists in London, UK with a solo exhibition at clapTON gallery, which established them as the world’s first and so far the only professional artist birds. They are now based in Berlin, Germany and present their first Berlin solo show at Kakadu, a retrospective of their best-known works spanning several creative periods.

Kakaduu have been active in the visual arts since 2010 and first gained recognition with the wood veneer and cardboard sculpture “Me and My Home”. Other well-known works incorporated into the retrospective include “My Cage”, “Behind the Scenes Voodoo”, “London”, “Australia” and “Kakaduu Shit on Canvas”.

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