Handgemachte Keramik bemalen – Kids for Kids!

All of the funds raised from the workshop will go to Sreyka Smile Association, a non-profit working directly with children in Phnom Penh

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Dieser Termin endet am 11 November 2017

Using a blue & white technique typical of Chinese porcelain and Dutch Delftware, come to my studio and decorate Berlin handmade ceramics to support a cause!

I’ve timed this so you can make some presents for yourself or for the holiday season, and enjoy an afternoon of painting. I’m donating my handmade plates and all the ticket sales to Sreyka Smile Association, a non-profit working to end the cycle of extreme poverty for children in Cambodia.

Why? Because my best friend from childhood runs this NGO, I am continually impressed by the impact of the work she does, and she has tirelessly encouraged my creative work through the years. Time to give back! She will also attend the event.

What’s more, I don’t usually give workshops, so this is an
opportunity to open up my studio to the public. The event is held in the side room of Kakadu / Wedding Community Kitchen, a cafe so you are welcome to sign up children aged 7+ and enjoy a coffee next door with a friend. My studio is also partly located there.

Seats are limited so please book
your ticket in advance:

********** MORE INFO **********

There are three workshop slots available, all are open to adults, children welcome on the Saturday! Friday evening is adults only.

All of the funds raised from the workshop will go to Sreyka Smile Association, a non-profit working directly with children in Phnom Penh

Participants will each have a beautiful stoneware handmade plate they can paint on and pick up the week after, once it has been fired.

The workshop will unfold as follows:

• Short intro into ceramics – why blue and white pottery?
• Sreyka Smille association – working to end the cycle of extreme poverty in Phnom Penh?
• Ceramic design – Sketching your design, drawing it onto the plate, painting on ceramics.
• Making a hand-tree to show the children in Phnom Penh
• Drinks and snacks

Limited seats to 15 each workshop so please book your ticket here:

Please note:
Suitable for kids 7+
The workshop lasts about 1.5 hours
Plates will be available for pickup about 10 days after the workshop, as they need to go into the kiln and get fired a second time.
Parents and legal guardians must not leave the premises during the workshop. However, Kakadu / Wedding Community Kitchen is a lovely cafe and you are welcome to stay and enjoy some food and drinks with friends whilst the children paint.

Moïo /// Ceramic Studio Berlin is the ceramic design studio of Maia Beyrouti here in Berlin. She has donated a variety of her handmade plates for the workshop, check out the discussion to see more of the making process!

All proceeds are donated to Sreyka Smile Association, who cares for 520 children in Phom Pehn. Sreyka Smile Association is the work of Stella-Desiree Bosch, who will be present during the workshop. Stella and her team work directly with children in shelters in order to end the families’ cycle of extreme poverty. She has set up various daytime community projects, and knows the children personally; she identifies their individual needs to give them support which includes university scholarships, physiotherapy for the special needs children as well as personal hygiene and dental care.

She will bring the “hand tree” down with her that the children in Berlin make, to hang in one of the community centers and create the direct link between the workshop and Phnom Pehn!

Kakadu / Wedding Community Kitchen is a lovely community cafe, kitchen and event space with homemade cakes, delicious coffee and original events. And did I mention their quesadillas? Mhhhh

We have partnered with Edible Alchemy for a little surprise!