Kontakt & Öffnungszeiten

! opening hours: Monday-Sunday

  • Monday-Friday:                               3pm-11pm
  • Saturday&Sunday:                          10am-11pm

+ special event days


1.1. New Year’s Breakfast

Kakadu – Wedding Community Kitchen
Soldiner Str. 13

for reservations and orders: +491795310073

Closest Ubahn/Tram: M13+50 Grüntaler Str., S Bornholmer Str.

Email: kakaduberlin@gmail.com
Website: kakadu.berlin-basement.de

Kakadu: Wanna make a pop up event? Rent the kitchen for producing your food? Preparing your Caterings or booking our Catering-Service..Are you interested in the location for film or foot shoots? Let us know!

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